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3 Wins Worksheet You’re a winner, and I can prove it! But I don’t have to. Use this Google Sheet, and you’ll prove it to yourself.

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  • Winning Environment Checklist – Identify key components to creating an ideal environment for achieving a specific goal. It’s a huge part of setting yourself up to succeed, and it’s really simple.
  • Peak State Planner – You know that feeling when you’re completely in the zone and you’re basically unstoppable? Wish you could be like that all the time? Why can’t you? Use this worksheet to plan routines that get you there!
  • Commitment Declaration – Setting Goals is a completely meaningless activity if you’re going to keep them in your ‘someday’ pile. You know. Right after change the light bulb in hall closet. This worksheet makes your Goal AND your Commitment to achieving it real.
  • Goals & 7 Levels of Why – You can’t and shouldn’t achieve a single goal without knowing exactly WHY you’re doing it in the first place. Use this worksheet to find your truest motivation for achieving your goals.
  • 3 Wins Worksheet – You’re a winner, and I can prove it! But I don’t have to. Use this Google Sheet, and you’ll prove it to yourself. Oh yea, and drastically change your perception of achievement.
  • 2019 Daily Goal Tracker Template – Our simple way of setting and tracking our achievements! If you can measure your goal progress, you can actually achieve it! 

Other Worksheets

Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Are your Social Media accounts doing everything they could be? If you’re ready to find out, here’s a quick worksheet to figure


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