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Take your life back 

Focus on what moves the needle (Focus on what matters, Focus on what moves momentum, Focus on Momentum)

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Unbusy Your Life. Untangle Your Business. Unleash Your Vision

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Too many people are willing to sell you what you want, but you’re not getting what you need. 

We don’t believe in cookie cutter formulas. 

It’s about You and Your Vision.

Let’s create what you want the way you want it… In a way that works.

“Tanya has shown me an entire different way to approach my goals to make them real and attainable.” 
Mina Yi, Administrative Director IA Financial

No Pitch
No Sales Push
Meet Human to Human
Ask what you want.
Get insight on your current situation (and maybe even laugh a little)

The people I work with are successful.

They are really good at what they do and experts in their fields. 

In fact, most people would consider them a success story…


But they don’t feel like that.


They actually feel unsatisfied.

They feel stuck in the busywork of their day, their business, their weeks and months. 


They have a vision, they have a dream.


They want to shift paradigms, change narratives, transform old beliefs, impart methods, write books, speak on stages, build impactful businesses.


But they don’t have the time and space-physically, mentally and emotionally- to make that happen and 


With all these ideas, where do you start?


My belief is that every person is 3 months away from never feeling busy again.


You never have to feel like they don’t have the time to work on that dream, hit that next goal or spend time on the things they love most.  


With the right plan, you can have it all.

The Approach:


Methods rooted in the latest research of contemporary neuroscience to create powerful and effective habits for change and progress.

Life Strategy

A business is only as fruitful as your life. Master your day-to-day for fulfillment, balance and happiness to support your goals and growth.

Business Development

Marketing, Sales, Messaging, and Product Enhancement. Get the strategy that creates a sustainable and profitable business while keeping your enthusiasm for impact

Mind & body

Goals won't get you through the rollercoasters of life. But a healthy body and mind will serve you through your entire journey. Identify ways to improve your mindset, stress response and cultivate resilience.

Productivity & systems

Learn Daily Habits and Systems to Improve Focus, Follow through and consistency to improve productivity while keeping your sanity intact.

Comprehensive Plans to Transform One Step at a Time

Business Growth

Audience Messaging, Sales Funnels, Task Organization, Project Timelines, Marketing & Content Plans, Product Development, Intentional Branding


12 Month Calendar Based Plans that fit with your current reality to Streamline Progress, Productivity & Sanity.

Daily focus

Personalized Processes and Systems that lay out your daily goals, output and priorities.


A return to the essentials with science based approaches to balance and discipline to keep you moving forward.

Work/Life Harmony

Live your bucket list by reconnecting with hobbies, personal development, self care and burnout prevention.

Treat yourself

THE M.A.A.P.S.S. Method


The tasks, obligations, hopes, dreams, needs.  

This is where we gather it all up and see it one place.


What is the status of your Business/Personal Life? Finances, Relationships, Health, Mindset, Daily Life

….And what do you really want?


We’re going to take everything on your plate and identify: The fires, The tasks, The project steps. Missing Pieces. True benefit of the result

and Long Term Goals.


 What is the 20% that brings the 80% of the results?

What matters most and what goes first?

What can wait? What gets tossed out?


How will these things happen in REAL time dealing with your REAL life? Working with a 12 month plan, we will map out how all this will play out on a dated calendar.


Add in systems and processes to organize your energy, your day, your tasks, your goals and your life.

How to Kickstart Your Momentum

Through a combination of business consulting, mentoring and coaching combined with life design we've created several opportunities to get the support that's best for you at this point in your journey.

1-1 for Entrepreneurs

Personalized Private Coaching to create a specific strategy plan, including marketing & sales.


Your ideas are only as good as your strategy to get there.


Together we will: 

  • Create a plan for every Goal,Task, Project & Idea
  • Clarify Your Target Market & Messaging
  • Evaluate Your Website Purpose & Performance
  • Improve Your Brand Identity & Unique Sales Position
  • Identify how to attract more clients/customers
  • Streamline Your Sales Funnel
  • Define Your Daily Work Schedule & Project Focus
  • Parallel Your Content with Sales goals & Purpose
  • Align your personal life & work life obligations
  • Evolve your products to support you & your clients better
  • Establish Routines that keep burnout at bay while getting things done more efficiently


Then we’ll Develop a 12 Month Calendar Based Plan to get you to where you want to be in the next year.

1-1 for Physicians

Personalized Private Coaching specific to the nuances of growing a private practice or transitioning to a new venture as a physician.


All the focus and elements from the 1-1 Coaching & Consulting for Entrepreneurs combined with intimate understanding of the unique challenges for Healthcare Professionals.


After 10 years in managing departments in private practice, I’ve watched health care professionals struggle through the day-to-day of:


  • Growing a profitable business
  • Staying present with each patient (especially that one)
  • Nurturing staff
  • Maintain healthy personal relationships
  • Keeping burnout at bay
  • Holding a vision for the future


Whether it’s progressing what you have or developing something new, we will clarify the goals, ideas, projects and tasks and put together a 12 month strategy plan to get you where you want to go.

1-1 High Performance & Life Design

Personalized Private Coaching to design a life plan that supports your goals and desires.

For anyone that wants to focus solely on the personal aspect of performance, goals, dreams and balance.

If you’re ready to design your future while living a life you love now, accomplish your goals, become the person you want and live a life of your own design. Then this is for you. This isn’t theory. This is step by step real life planning


You will be guided to solidify your vision within 21 areas of life values.


You will also clarify:


  • Your Legacy
  • Your Goals & Tasks
  • Your Big Picture & Long Term Vision
  • Your Daily Strategy Plan
  • Accountability, Tracking & Support Systems
  • Your Bucket List


Start Ups & Corporate teams

Organize, Inspire and teach the skill of self management for both life and career


Building a Start-up is tough work. 

Working with an experienced start-up executive coach allows you to harness skills, resources and knowledge from those that have gone before you. 


Get direction in setting up systems and structure within your company culture so you can focus on positioning, customer acquisition, development and more. 


Your start up team is a family that will thrive with support, guidance and honest feedback. 


Your executive coach acts as a confidential safe space to share concerns and allows you to get objective advice from someone not attached to the outcome. 


A coach can help you examine your own thinking and decision making, provoke new ideas and insight and help you commit to action.

Project immersions

Dive in, dive deep and get it all done quickly with concentrated support 

All the benefits of monthly coaching, condensed into 1-4 days towards a single purpose. Project Immersions are great for individuals and teams when you need progress fast. Putting together an event? Stuck in product development? Need that landing page finished? Revamping your entire company brand? I partner with you during these 3 hour sessions to get the work done so you can move on to what matters most.

We’ll clarify the process, organize your team, create project timelines, and work hand in hand to get you to your goal.

Corporate Team Life Coaching

Give Your Team the Power to Create their own Success

Motivation comes from within. Increase Engagement, Decrease Employee turnover, Foster Resilience, Cultivate Confidence, Renew Commitment and Nurture High Performance by Empowering your staff to Self-Motivate & Self-Regulate with real-life time-based systems rooted in Applied Neuroscience and Organizational Psychology to work towards the future they desire and become the team player you need.