Brain Purge

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This course is the ultimate in alleviating overwhelm through a combination of organizing, scheduling, and streamlining. Gain clarity, establish areas of focus, and eliminate activities that don’t serve your goals.

Scheduling for Sanity


One of our core skills. This course is the cornerstone of taking control of your time while baking-in the fluidity every entrepreneur needs to succeed. Analyze how currently use your time, and schedule your life realistically.

Goal Getters

Free 3 Part Training

This mini course walks you through 3 of the most effect practices for achieving goals, and includes worksheets so you can follow along. Want all the Worksheets and Lessons? 

Life by Design

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Want to learn best practices for balancing Entrepreneurship and everyday Life? This course is for you. This is Tanya’s step by step, holistic approach to protecting and prioritizing time, advancing your business, maximizing family and personal time, and much more.