Women's Business Retreat | Sept. 29th - Oct. 5th

S Resorts Bali | Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

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Do you often ask yourself,

"Why did I want to start my own business?

Everyone else makes running a business seem so easy. But, you… you’re left feeling stuck with no idea how to get yourself out of this rut.

How do they do it?

You want a business that allows flexibility, quality family time, and an income you can take to the bank. But, right now you’re stuck working long hours, forgetting tasks, and barely making enough money to stay afloat.

Something’s gotta give…

You’re working hard. It’s time you gain the skills and confidence to move your business to the next level. It’s time you finally feel like leaving your day job was a good idea.

What you need is a “Game Plan” that will take your business to the next level.

Are you ready?..

A Retreat Experience like no other

Join your host, TanyaMFK, and your peers for a week of laptops and luxury. You’ll be able to step away from the stress of your business and learn the skills needed to make it grow.

You’ve turned your passion into a business. That’s not easy. The sleepless nights, time away from your family, and money spent are proof of that.

You don’t need to work longer hours or spend more money to make your business grow. What you need is the certainty that what you’re doing will actually work.

The reason other businesses succeed is because they’ve set goals and created a game plan that got them there. Now, you can do the same. All you have to do is join us in Bali.

This is more than just a Retreat...

“Tanya’s mind-body business retreats are exactly what the world needs right now!”
Tim Ray & UI Media

Strategy & Action Planning Workshops

The focus is building out your next year’s business strategy. 
Get all those ideas out of your head and into a real actionable plan. Get your goals and steps laid out into a real calendar with milestones and ways to measure progress.

  • Identifying Revenue Streams
  • Creating Sales Funnels
  • Clarifying your Market & Niche
  • Planning Content & Launches
  • Product Development Timelines
  • and more


During the Retreat you will have an in person 1-1 Strategy Planning Session with Tanya. During this time you will review specific plans, goals and ideas and identify the best action steps to get to where want to go.


It’s great to get away, but everyday life is where we need true mastery. In this retreat we will develop skills and workstyles that you can take back home with you. Each day is curated to mimic an ideal workday back at home.  Create habits and morning routines of the top CEO’s that allow you to enjoy life in the present while developing a successful business for the future.


Benefit from the collective experience and wisdom in the group during your hot seat session. Present your biggest challenges and the brainpower and support of the entire group to help you solve them.


New Year, New You, New Headshots. Get ready for 2020 with your new set of photos.  You will meet with our resident photographer, Joel Austell, for a photoshoot session and receive a package of new professional photos.


Videos are a vital way to communicate with your audience, allowing you to quickly facilitate the “KNOW-LIKE-TRUST” factor with your tribe. While in Bali, you will have a session to create 1.5 minute video for your business, course, or product.  You will receive a professionally edited final product within 4 weeks after the event.

A Week in Bali isn't all you'll get

Pre Retreat


5 Day Retreat

Taking Action

Post Retreat


Training & Planning

In order to focus on Action in Bali, we will spend time at home preparing together. 

You will complete 2 thorough trainings:

  • Scheduling for Sanity
  • The Brain Purge.

This will allow you to be clear on what you want, and have the skills to create a plan of action that works with your real life around you.
You will organize your goals and thoughts so we can jump into true progress while we are at the retreat.

We will have 1 pre-retreat meet & greet and orientation

Post Retreat

It’s doesn’t end when the plane lands back home. We all need accountability and support to keep going. After the retreat you will have 2 months access to the Ambition Alliance Mastermind group, where we can continue to support each other and grow our businesses. 

Work Bubbles
Our work bubbles are virutal co-working spaces hosted once a month for 4 hours. Our participants consistently report getting more accomplished in these sessions due to accountability and structured work time.

Business Highlight on Social Media & Newsletters
We will highlight your business on our various social media platforms and in our email newsletters.

Where you'll stay


5 Days and 6 Nights at S Resorts Bali

BEAUTIFUL BALI “Your Tropical Oasis”
Our retreat getaway will be the exotic S-Resorts Bali in Uluwatu. A beautiful eco-friendly resort comprised of a range of villas surrounded by tropical gardens. S-Resorts Bali four pools, farm-to-table dining (with produce from their own Organic Gardens), spa services and live nightly entertainment.

Your Stay Includes:

  • Private, Single Occupancy Low Tide Room*
  • All Meals Daily – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner**


*Room Upgrades Available (additional fee):

  • High-tide room (same as Low tide-but top floor) +$54   +9usd/night
  • Family Room (2 bedroom with connecting foyer) +$360  (+60usd/night)
  • VIP suite + 80usd/night
  • Lumbung Cottage 2 storey + 60usd/night
  • Lumbung Cottage 1 storey + 32usd/night
**Room Service, additional snacks and meals, and cocktails available for additional fee

What you'll do

Self Care is a Necessity. The Strongest Asset for any Entrepreneur is Good Health


Your package includes 1 Balinese massage session.

Massage is more than pampering, it’s healthcare. Boosting the immune system, increasing alertness and reducing inflammation, massage keeps you in top shape to run your business. 

Daily Yoga

Learn the simple body practices to destress, calm and focus your mind through yoga.

Each day will begin with 30 minute practice stimulating our creativity and boosting concentration.


A science backed method to improve cognition, feelings of well being, sleep and energy, daily meditation is a proven beneficial addition to any morning routine.  During our retreat we will use simple techniques to reap these entrepreneurial benefits in a short amount of time.

Visualization for Success

Studies have proven that visualization is a powerful tool to overcome fear, build self confidence, develop new skills faster and reach your goals. You will learn how to incorporate this daily technique to get projects done or simply get your butt to the gym.

Have an Adventure. Wisdom is Knowledge experienced


You will be taught how to ride the waves in one of the most famous surfing beaches known around the world. The program is run by the world’s largest tour operator, Perfect Wave, and lead by the top Surf Guide Association Instructors. 

Lessons for all experience levels included.

Fire dance show

Enjoy the sunset and experience one of Bali’s most iconic art performances. Combining human vocals, drama, and fire the Kecak dance gives you a perfect glimpse into the history and culture of the Balinese people.

Visit Uluwatu Temple

Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple is a famous seaside temple and one of the nine directional temples in Bali. Perched on the edge of the rock overlooking the sea, it’s name means “of divine origin at lands end rock” It is one of the six most important temples in Bali with the purpose to protect from evil.

Daily Beach Shuttles

S Resorts Bali offers free daily beach shuttles so you can easily visit the top local beaches in the area.

Meet Your Host

After working with Fortune 500 companies like Nestle and million dollar start ups, Tanya has shifted her focus to supporting women led businesses grow and expand through business development strategy and life balance skills.

Certified Small Business Consultant, Strategy Coach, and speaker, Tanya has worked with women all over the world in several industries to create and develop profitable businesses while enjoying life in the present.

  • Certified Small Business Consultant
  • Certified Inbound Marketing
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Empowerment coach
"I thought it was fantastic. The setup was wonderful. The meals were delicious. The planning that went into it - you knew it was there. Everything ran smoothly. It was wonderful to be with other people in the same or in various stages of trying to get their business up off the ground."
Maureen H.
Club Bubbles
"This was the best investment I ever made. This is more than getting work done, it’s recalculating your vision and getting the blueprint to execute it. The collective wisdom and support from Tanya, her team, and the other business owners is priceless. Plus you get to travel and get pampered. No other vacation will do all of this for you. Don’t pass it up!"
Annie Z.
VP National Sales
"Tanya’s events are always amazingly executed down to the fine details and so much fun."
Mina Y.

This Retreat is for female entrepreneurs...

  • That are working their business full time or transitioning to full time, even if your goal is to spend less time on your business and more time with your family.
  • Whose business is already providing an income, even if it’s no where near what you need it to be making.
  • That have ideas you need put into a strategy, even if you’ve already tried a million ways to create one.
  • That want to grow their network of strong female business owners, even if you’re still a little ‘shy’ talking about your business.
  • That can benefit from new business approaches (and mindsets), even if you’re already reading 50 blogs, taking 20 online courses (all at once of course because that’s what everyone else is doing…) or have VIP membership in 100 femme-preneur Facebook groups.
  • That understand why the top CEOs leave to get focused, even if it always felt like something for more successful entrepreneurs.

It's time to launch your
Business & Life forward

Will your business grow if you keep doing what you’re doing?

You can have the life and business you dream of…all it takes is making a change.

That change is in Bali. Are you ready?


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Goals to Gameplan 2019 - Bali

Early Bird Price $3000 | Regular Price $3500

*Pricing does NOT include cost of airfare

Here's what's Included

  • 5 Days of workshops, support and guidance to create your best business strategies and plans
  • 1 Set of Professional Headshots
  • 1 Professionally filmed & edited business video
  • 2 Mastermind Hot Seat Sessions per attendee
  • 1 Private Strategy Session with Tanya
  • 6 Nights Accommodation (private rooms) at S Resorts Bali in Ulatwatu
  • 5 Yoga Sessions
  • 1 Surf Lesson
  • 1 Massage
  • Entrance to Uluwatu Temple & Fire Dance Event
  • Farewell Celebration
  • Pre Retreat Training & Preparation
  • 3 Month Free Access to Ambition Alliance Mastermind
  • Access to 3 monthly work bubbles


  • You will create a clear plan to get you to your specific income & business goals next year.
  • All the steps for your projects, product rollouts launches, social media plans will be put out into gameplan that you can follow.
  • You will be clear on your niche and your market.
  • You will uncommit to the things that are not supporting your goals.
  • You will know how to stay focused, productive and balanced when you come back home. You will create a network of strong female entrepreneurs
  • A Business Strategy
  • Private 1-1 coaching session
  • New Headshots
  • New Business Video
  • Adventures and memories of a lifetime
  • Access to the Ambition Alliance Mastermind Group
  • Online Workspace to get projects done with accountability of peers
  • To get work done, like really done.
  • To not only get pampered and relax but to learn methods that allow you to bring this balance home with you.
  • To no longer guess which task is the most important because you have a clear plan.
  • To feel accomplished, balanced and excited about making progress in your business.
  • To grow an international network of strong female entrepreneurs

As a strategy coach, I hear the same thing over and over “if I could just get away and focus”

Between family obligations, business stress and lack of self care we are always one bad day away from throwing in the towel. This get away provides the foundations, tools and support to get you focused, organized, supported, pampered and energized to take your business and life to the next level.  

You are responsible to book your own round trip flight.

We like to compare prices on Kayak (searched in incognito mode)

You will fly into Denpasar (DPS) Airport.

You can learn more about the airport HERE: https://www.denpasar-airport.com/

  • Early Bird Pricing ends May 24th
  • Full Price Sale ends July 15th
  • You are entitled to a Full Refund up to 7 days after purchase.
  • After 7 days, you are entitled to a refund subject to a $1000 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made between 90 and 60 days of the retreat start date are subject to a 50% of purchase price cancellation fee.
  • There are no refunds issued within 60 days of scheduled retreat start date.

Your airport transfers from Denpasar airport is included in your retreat price.

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on traffic) to get from the airport to the resort.

You will receive all your transport details 2 week before your trip.

Yes, a passport is required for travel to Bali.

Most countries receive an automatic 30 day visa when arriving by air. You are responsible to check the requirements for your country to enter Bali.

Yes, upgrades are available and can be specified during checkout.

For addtional fee:

  • High-tide room (same as Low tide-but top floor) +$54   +9usd/night
  • Family Room (2 bedroom with connecting foyer) +$360  (+60usd/night)
  • VIP suite + 80usd/night
  • Lumbung Cottage 2 storey + 60usd/night
  • Lumbung Cottage 1 storey + 32usd/night