Brain Purge -



Out of Your Head and Into a Plan

I got 99 problems but a list aint one

A Brain Purge Is...

A Brain Purge is a complete transfer of all the ideas, tasks, projects and coherent ramblings from your head to paper. (you’ll need a different kind of help for the incoherent ramblings, sorry)

But what happens after the purge?

Now you’re staring at this big ol’ list and have further confirmed you got a lot to do. Yay?

This is where most “gurus” fall short. They leave you hanging with an impending inventory of doom and say “Good job, now ummm, go do that stuff”.

No method, no system. Just newfound anxiety. Super.

The biggest mistake you can do is to just start listing all these newly written out tasks, ideas and projects in arbitrary spots on a calendar. Without a strategy and proper steps to break down, process and prioritize, this beautiful method just turns into anxiety and unfinished things on a calendar.

That’s why we created a full cycle process to get all those ideas OUT of your head, BEYOND paper, and INTO a strategic plan.  

A Properly Executed Brain Purge...

  • Frees up space for new ideas and moments of genius
  • Reduces stress and overwhelm
  • Leaves less possiblity for something to be forgotten
  • Increase Focus and Productivity
  • Untangles the complexities of projects
  • Brings order to timelines for projects and tasks
  • Allows you identify patterns, problems and batching opportunities
  • Provides a history of ideas and work to tap into in the future


  • A willingness to stop carrying all your projects, tasks and ideas on your shoulders and in your head. 
  • A desire to have a strategic plan of attack to accomplish all your tasks and goals. 
  • A planner to properly plot your strategy in real time.  
  • RECOMMENDED: Trello for easy processing.


The Brain Purge Process

  • Getting it all out


  • Identifying Urgent
  • Urgent Vs. Important
  • Personal Vs. Business
  • Project Breakdowns
  • Task Batching

Analyze: Round 1

  • Deadlines
  • Plotting

Analyze: Round 2

  • Prepping the Calendar
  • Plotting

Analyze: Round 3

  • Maintain the Process

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